Why Luvarlee?

Are you struggling to prepare nourishing meals for yourself or family? Whether it be due to lack of time or knowledge, or you are just wanting to try something new... Then Luvarlee is perfect for YOU!

You have the comfort of knowing that all Luvarlee meals are gluten free, dairy free, non GMO and contain zero processed seed oils, refined sugars, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, acidity regulators, artificial colours or flavours, JUST 100% REAL FOOD!

Michael Yeowart

Passionate chef and founder of Luvarlee

Eat well, live well!

Micheal Yeowart or Mikey, is the founder of Luvarlee and has been a Chef for over 13 years. Mikey has always been passionate about food and cooking. He began his Chef journey at the River House on the Noosa River at 15 years of age. He completed his apprenticeship by 18 and it has been his career ever since.

Mikey has worked in many countries and immersed himself in different cultures to learn new ways of cooking. Growing up in Noosa, Queensland meant that Mikey always had access to fresh, local, seasonal and organic produce. It is something he believes is a key ingredient when cooking the best quality and best tasting food.

After returning to Australia in 2020 after spending a year in Bali as a restaurant consultant, Mikey noticed the massive growth in home delivered food and ready-made meal companies. This way of eating was becoming hugely popular with almost everyone opting for the easy cooking (or lack thereof) option. One thing these companies were lacking was the quality in produce and focus on fuelling the body with nutrient dense foods. Mikey thought “Why sacrifice quality for ease when you can have both?” And this is where the idea for Luvarlee was born.

He absolutely loves to cook and create. It is his passion to provide healthy, yet tasty food for his family and friends and since founding Luvarlee he can now share this passion with everyone!