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Why Luvarlee

Struggling to prepare nourishing meals for yourself or family? Whether it be due to lack of time or knowledge, or you are just wanting to try something new... Then Luvarlee can help YOU!

You have the comfort of knowing that all Luvarlee meals are nutritionally approved by our in house Nutritionist, but also have a tasty flare brought to you by our well experienced Chef!

I have seen many offerings of pre packed meals, many offering alternatives to making your own meals or Uber. But I have NEVER seen such healthy pre-packaged meals that are chef-created, easy to prepare, nutritionist-approved… AND support sustainable farming. The amazing chef Mikey has teamed up with beautiful nutritionist Monique to offer meals that make life easy and are healthy-Mumma-approved! These meals have no preservatives and no colours, they are 100% pure tasty, delicious, goodness. I cannot recommend Luvarlee enough!

Kim Morrison

Whenever I have a busy day ahead of me, Luvarlee saves the day by making dinner easy. All I need to do is put a meal in the fridge to defrost throughout the day and am left with a restaurant quality meal waiting for me at home when I'm done. The meat is so tender in all the dishes, I have tried all apart from the beef rib and I have already reordered more! It's nice knowing that all ingredients are organic and ethically sourced and this has me coming back for more! Highly recommended for anyone who has a fast paced work environment and is being conscious of their health and are wanting the highest quality of food!

Josh Sherwell

As a new mum with a partner that works long hours during the week, the luvarlee meals have been my saving grace. Providing high quality nutritious meals is a top priority for us as a family, but with a new baby it was too overwhelming to even think about. The luvarlee meals meant that I could quickly whip dinner together knowing that I was dealing with extremely delicious and healthy meals prepared with love by the team. Forever grateful for this! I highly recommend these to every new family

Casie O'Meara

Luvarlee ticks all the boxes for me and my family.
It’s so full of flavour, they use organic ingredients, it’s convenient, it’s made with love and it’s bloody good for you!
We’ve always got a few bags in the freezer and anytime we have shared it with our friends they love it.
I love this business also because of their mission and integrity, helping local farmers and helping our family’s eat healthy meals without added chemicals and pesticides.
Thanks Luvarlee for changing our lives

Rikki Alana

Without compromise Luvarlee is second to none when it comes to Healthy, Wholesome and damn right Scrumptious meals. They are super easy to whip up and with a great range on the menu, our dinner is sorted for the week! Luvvvvvvit!!

Marcus & Renee

AMAZING RESTAURANT QUALITY!!!! I only buy organic produce for our home, so to find these guys who use organic produce too is so amazing. I’ve tried all their meals and they are all incredibly delicious. So easy to reheat and I absolutely love that I get to choose what goes with the dish, keeps their meals so versatile and allows for individual variety. You will love these meals, I know you will. Oh, and you can even take them away with you because you only need a pot of boiling water and you’re done (except for the lamb. Then you need an oven ). Home delivery, yes please!!!

Jeanette Catalano